Good Morning (It's Christmas)

from by Dogjaw



Common theme of this EP is saying "It's Christmas" or "It's Christmas Time" as two songs have a variation of those phrases in the title and the other starts with that line. Anyway, this song was written in Jim's head probably back in 2012 or so when he woke up with the bass line in his head and the opening line. We finished the song for the EP and wrote all the rest of the lyrics apart from the opening line while recording vocals, which is probably why they became so gruesome and borderline insane.


Girl, good morning. It's Christmas.
Santa's come and gone
There's shit under the tree.

And oh, I'm sorry that you missed it
But you were out
Messing around on me

And it's true, we're both at fault
But how could I know that you
Were smoochin' on other dudes?

Girl, it's over, you better believe it
The Naughty List has Y-O-U
I'm O-U-T the door

Girl, you have ruined Christmas
Holly, they'll never find you
You'll never sing no carols anymore

And it's true, what I'll do to you
Oh you'll stay home for the holidays
No one's looking for you anyway

You can run, you can hide
But Santa won't hear you cry
You've got a date with the fireplace tonight


from Christmas Boys, released December 23, 2016



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Dogjaw Ridgeley, West Virginia

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